Fequently Asked Questions

How do I buy a PowerPod?

PowerPods aren't yet available for sale. A Kickstarter attempted to raise funds to finish the PowerPod and have it ready for manufacturing but it fell short.

When will PowerPods be available for purchase?

I'm hoping to have PowerPods available for sale by the end of this year, 2021.

What will the price be?


Since we don't have a final model ready for production, we're not sure exactly what the end price will be. Expect it to be competitive with other high-quality wind turbines.

What are the final specs?


Just as with price, the final specs will be based on the final model. We plan to have it available by the end of the year, at which point we'll be able to share the final specs.


Will PowerPods be available in my country?


While there are some issues with regulatory and legal obstacles with putting a wind turbine into any local market, as long as it is legal to ship to your country, we plan on making them available to anyone who wants to purchase them.

To start, they'll most likely ship from the USA, with plans to set up local manufacturing and distribution in Western Europe shortly after.

Can I invest?

We're gearing up for the final push to finish the PowerPod and part of that will be raising money through investors. If you sign up for the update list, you'll get alerts for when shares of the company will be available.