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Meet PowerPod

The PowerPod is a small-scale wind turbine designed specifically to work in towns and cities. It collects incoming air and focuses it on an advanced blade system.


The advanced blade is contained entirely within the stationary shell, making it safe for kids, pets, and wildlife. 


The effect is a safe, powerful wind energy that can compete with solar panels in places that get less than 300 days of sun a year.

No External Moving Parts

Airflow is collected by the exterior of the pod and focused on an advanced circular blade. The blade is contained entirely within the pod, making it safe for kids, pets, and wildlife. 

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Showing internal blade spinning in red area from graphic above.

The external shell does not move - it is fixed in place. Because of its shape, it can take wind from any direction, changing directions, or even multiple directions at once.


When regular turbines are in such conditions they can shatter - throwing blades at high speeds.

Standalone or Part of a System

The PowerPod can be used by itself, hooking into a power system the same way solar panels would be, requiring the same type of equipment.

If you already have a solar system, the PowerPod is designed to connect seamlessly into an existing system to provide an additional, diversified source of power.

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Finally, the PowerPod is a great addition to an off-grid, energy independent system to diversify away from reliance on sunny days. 

For places that get less than 300 days of sun a year, a PowerPod could produce more power, for less money than solar panels.

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More Places to Use

Increasing wind speed also reduces the need to put the PowerPod on tall poles, which are expensive to mount and take a lot of space if guy-wires are required. They're also ugly, in our opinion.

The PowerPod comes ready to install almost anywhere, with a simple bolt-on base and a plug-and-play connection which will allow the PowerPod to be permanently secured or instantly removable with no tools required. 

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The PowerPod can be permanently fixed on to rooftops, fences, public buildings, campers, sailboat tops, and any secure surface.

Once the base is secured, the PowerPod can then be just dropped into the base, which will self-connect to the base unit's wires without any additional tools.

Then, it can either be permanently fixed or temporarily secured (like on the top of a parked RV) with no additional tools. It can even be padlocked if security is a concern. If temporarily fixed, it can be easily removed and stowed as needed.

A Global Solution

Our goal is to produce PowerPods locally, with local manufacturing and materials, wherever possible.

European PowerPods will be made in the EU, American PowerPods will be made in the USA, Indian PowerPods in India, and so on.

Our goal is to use the PowerPod to support the local markets and jobs of the people who are using them to help us make the world a better place.