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2023 Summer Update

Originally written July 23, 2023

Hello and a warm welcome to you,

This update comes your way as you've expressed interest in our wind turbine, previously known as the PowerPod. Due to a naming conflict with a battery pack, we're undergoing a rebrand, so watch this space for its new identity. If you wish to discontinue these updates, simply click the unsubscribe button below.

Halfway through 2023, our journey is filled with exciting progress and increased global demand for our innovative turbine technology. These developments reinforce the significance of our mission to change energy for the better.

Our anticipated final product completion remains on track for this year, with the assembly process in its final stages and a few parts awaited for delivery. We expect third-party data-backed final specs by Q4.

Our turbine continues to pique interest, especially among large organizations looking to deploy renewable solutions. This momentum is fueled by developing nations electrifying distant regions, corporations adopting clean energy, and like-minded individuals.

For those interested in investment opportunities, we're planning another funding round later this year. Priority will be given to existing investors, but we will also most likely open it to the public. Updates will be provided through this email list.

Your support and engagement fuel our journey. It's heartening to have you with us, and your involvement heralds promising times ahead. Thank you!

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25 de mar.

Thank you for the information on your project. As Tord Pettersson was expressing I also would like to combine the wind turbine with my solar voltaic system. If there is no sun in our region we probably will have wind. So I would appreciate some connection details. Thank you.


Tord Pettersson
Tord Pettersson
25 de mar.

Hi and thanks for the update. Can you already today provide some output data such as voltage etc.

We wish to be able to integrate wind energy with existing solar cell installations.

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